Scottish Book Week

Scottish Book Week

Scottish Book Week

The Importance of Scottish Book Week


Taking place from the 19th of November to the 25th, Scottish Book Week is an annual event held to promote reading, and the discussion of books, in people of different ages and backgrounds all across Scotland.

  The Scottish Book Trust, who runs this yearly event, hold events across the country during this literary week. Scottish poets, authors, playwrights and illustrators are the focus of some of these events. Plus, there are book swaps and fairs where you can grab used or antique books.

  The theme of this year’s Book Week is ‘Rebel’, focusing on books and writing where characters have rose up against restrictive regimes, governments, ideals, and even society. Through this theme, the Book Trust have created an audiobook with a collection of stories relating to rebellion.

 Why is Scottish Book Week important?

 Especially in this digital day and age, getting children to read more is a vital part of their development. Getting them more involved with books, writing and reading, rather than staring at their computer screen or watching the TV, is a huge focus of our government’s budget for education.

  That’s why Scottish Book Week is so important. Through this initiative and the promotion of regular reading of books and other literary materials, children can learn fundamental skills that will see them through life. Skills including spelling, comprehension, reading and improved vocabulary.


What ways can you get your child to read more?

Some children will not need motivation or encouragement to read, but if your child does, there are some ways that you can get them more involved. Simple changes to their routine can help them to make more time for reading, and thus enjoy it more.


  1. Set aside a regular time to read


  Make sure to set a regular time for them to focus on their reading. If your children are younger, you can read along with them, either guiding them or reading out loud. But, if they are older, they should be encouraged to do more independent reading.

  Always explain words that they don’t understand, and if they don’t know how to pronounce it, then talk through the word’s phonetics to help them grasp its pronunciation.

  Setting aside a regular time for reading, and one where it doesn’t feel like a chore, means that they’ll appreciate and enjoy the time spent delving into other fictional worlds.


  1. Ensure that the books they choose to read are within their reading age


  Many children will be put off from reading if the book either you or they have chosen is beyond their comprehension or reading ability. If they don’t fully understand or grasp what is happening in a story, either due to unknown concepts or complicated vocabulary, then they will avoid reading in the future.

  So, choose books that are within their grasp and are suited to the age, and reading age that they are at. For example, if they are 7 years old, then choose books written for that age.


  Another way that you can promote reading to your children is by keeping books always accessible. Have books on display on your shelves, give them regular access to the local library, and buy books as gifts for them for birthdays or at Christmas. Why not take a look at our children section on our online Scottish bookstore?


Great children’s authors to keep your child reading


  Once you’ve gotten your child into the habit of reading, you can branch out and diversify their growing book collection with our range of children’s books, on our online book shop. There are a variety of authors who specialise in children’s fiction, as well as crime authors and historians who dabble in the craft.


  1. K. Rowling


  A great option for your child’s next book would have to be one from J. K.  Rowling. If they are not already familiar with the wizarding world of Harry Potter, then introduce them with The Philosopher’s Stone. This fantastic author has had such an impact on the world of children’s fiction, and her Harry Potter series will be sure to grow their imagination.


Philip Pullman


  If they loved those books, then Philip Pullman has some fantastic options to further their fascination with magic and mythological creatures. The Tiger in the Well is a children’s thriller that focuses on the life of Sally Lockhart, a well to do woman who has to give everything up to save her daughter.


Roald Dahl


  A constant classic, all of Roald Dahl’s books will capture both their minds and hearts. The BFG will have them wanting their own friendly giant of their own, whilst Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will keep them turning the page wanting to know what happens next. Dahl’s books are particularly great for younger readers, but can suit any ages.


J.M. Barrie


  Another fantastic author suggestion is JM Barrie. The famous author who created Peter Pan, reading his books will make your children to never grow up, and to always believe in fairies. Find Peter Pan books online, here at Kingdom Books.


  Once you get your child into reading, they’ll have their heads stuck in a book for the rest of their lives. Reading is a lifelong experience, and as they grow, their interest in books will grow with them.

  Nurture this interest by getting involved with Scottish Book Week, or by just incorporating and encouraging more reading time in their week.