Why we need your support.

Why we need your support.


We are a not-for-profit Community Bookshop based in Leven but for everyone in Fife. As well as selling new and used books at affordable prices, we also take in and collect donated books from customers or members of the public. With volunteers, we have collected donated books from Cupar, Leven,  Methil, Upper Largo and East Wemyss. We are very grateful to those donors and if you know anyone who has books they no longer need or are having a clear-out, no matter the quantity, please get in touch. 



Being disabled myself has a huge impact on my ability to manage the shop on a daily basis. I cannot carry boxes or stand for long periods and I suffer from fatigue. The shop is a not-for-profit and cannot afford staff wages so relies on volunteers who can assist each day.  One of our volunteers has a disabled son and can only volunteer one day per week. If you devote a few hours per week to keep the shop open, please complete a Volunteer Form. 


We want our Community bookshop to be a cosy place for customers to browse books, attend book signings and other events or sit and read on one of our settees with a cup of tea or coffee. However, the rising cost of gas and electricity has increased our daily costs and without financial support, we will have to close. We also need funds to pay travel expenses for volunteers if necessary and for fuel to collect donated books. If you can support us financially with a one-off donation or regular subscription, please donate on our Donor page. 


We want to create a new charity to run the bookshop and organise regular events at the bookshop or elsewhere in Fife. We can give training to disadvantaged people to learn bookselling and publishing skills but need funds as well as Trustees to manage the charity and organise fundraising. If you can spare 2-3  hours per month to be on a small friendly committee, please complete a Trustee application form. 


If you know someone unemployed, disabled or young who loves books and reading, we can give them work experience in our Community bookshop or office. We can help them learn skills through the Bookseller Association Learning portal. 


We aim to support local new or established authors to publish their work as easily and efficiently as possible. We can give disadvantaged people work experience in publishing by working on projects and learn practical publishing skills from experienced professionals in editing, proofreading, graphic design. They can also gain recognised certificates from The Publishing Training company so they become freelancers or apply for vacancies. Please contact us for details.