Clans and Tartan

Clans and Tartan

Scottish clan names are world famous as Scots emigrated to every corner of the planet either as part of the British Empire or as lone travellers, mercenaries, missionaries or adventurers and traders in the new world. 

The Clan system of children, family and a shared identity goes back a thousand years or more. Somerled, the ancestor of Clan Donald, Clan MacDougall,  Clan MacRory, and Clan MacAlister was a Norse-Irish-Gaelic warlord. Other Clans would emerge from  Norman and Flemish nobles who arrived such as the Bruce, Lindsay and Fraser families. 

Many powerful Clan dynasties controlled parts of Scotland including the Douglas, Campbell and Stewarts who would rule Scotland for about 300 years. 

The Scottish Diaspora has leant its clan names to Mcdonald’s fast food, Campbell soup tins, Simon Fraser University, New Caledonia, Nova Scotia and many more. 

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