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General Fiction

Shop For Fiction Books with Kingdom Books. The backbone of any bookstore is, of course, it’s fiction section. Too many stores live or die by how well their shelves are curated by the latest and greatest writer and weavers of stories. Who among us has never gotten lost in a good book? Who hasn’t marveled at the way that a plot unwinds itself, especially when us readers are left at the end looking at the world in a marvelous new light?


We could talk about the joys of fantasy fiction and the new horizons they open up for us. Or the way that the classics continue speaking to us through the centuries. Or perhaps you’re drawn to the way that literary fiction builds whole worlds out of beautiful words – we’re all drawn into the realm of memory, plot, characters and more. When we’re lucky, the careful reader finds a little bit of him or herself in the books they read. What a joy to behold!


And when it comes to the classics of world literature, Scottish fiction is no slouch! We have the epic tales of Sir Walter Scott standing alongside the adventures of Robert Louis Stevenson. Bringing things into the modern age, the stories of Irvine Welsh stand tall alongside the volumes by the late Iain Banks.


While of course we at Kingdom Books give pride of place to Scottish books, we have popular volumes by other authors as well. Think the stories of C.S. Lewis or the epic historical fiction of giants like Ken Follett. If you’re looking to buy fiction books online, we can think of no better place to start than with the list right below!


No matter your taste in story, genre or literary style, Kingdom Books is stocked with all the books you’re looking for. From popular fiction to historical fantasy to the classics, we’re your one stop shop for everything fiction!

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