1314 Bannockburn

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1314 Bannockburn illuminated how historically significant this battle was to the structure of Scottish history. Through recent scholarships and studies into weaponry and warfare, 1314 Bannockburn  opens up the facts regarding the year-long preparation period that went into this massive English invasion. Drilling down to the individual soldiers themselves, it examines the common man alongside those knights who fought right alongside them. 1314 Bannockburn provides a unique historical approach to a battle that has been studied for many, many years. Our Scotland biographic books online stretch from autobiographical pieces to in-depth studies of the land. Buy online Scottish books via our digital book store here today.

Recent scholarship has illuminated one of the most exciting battles of Scottish history, showing 1314 Bannockburn to be as historically significant as it was romantic and bloody. This book carries the reader through the politics and plans of a military campaign of the Middle Ages. Using recent studies on weapons, warfare, and Scottish history, as well as sound archival sources, this book opens the files on a year's preparation for a massive English invasion of Scotland. In addition to the heroic legends, Bannockburn 1314 examines the common soldiers summoned to war and the knights who fought near them.

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