A Darker Domain

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A Darker Domain by Val McDermid

From bestselling author, Val McDermid comes A Darker Domain.

Fans of the psychological thriller are sure to enjoy this superb work of fiction which also centres its story around The National Miners’ Strike, one of the most symbolic events in recent history.

Val McDermid’s A Darker Domain involves the kidnapping of a wealthy heiress and her son in Fife, and a botched payoff leaving her dead, without any trace of her son. Twenty-five years on, a journalist in Tuscany discovers a possible clue, and Detective Inspector (and  cold case expert) Karen Pirie re-opens the case, though she isn’t too optimistic about solving it. Karen’s already investigating an unsolved disappearance from the same year which occurred at the peak of the miner’s strike, when Mick Prentice broke ranks, joining ‘scab’ strike-breakers in the south. However, new evidence suggests there’s more to the story…

Featuring an intricate intertwining of past and present, A Darker Domain by Val McDermid is a novel steeped in suspense. This exceptional work of crime fiction explores the crossroads of desire and greed, as Karen’s investigations lead her to discover a dark domain of inconceivable secrets, betrayal, and bloodshed.

Val McDermid, creator of TV's Wire in the Blood, mixes fact with fiction, dealing with one of the most important and symbolic moments in recent history.

From the creator of TV's, 'Wire in the Blood', A Darker Domain is the latest Detective Karen Pirie book which blurs the lines between fiction and fact. Catriona Grant and her baby son were kidnapped and held to ransom twenty-five years ago. The heiress was discovered dead but the whereabouts of her son remained a mystery. When a new clue arises, DI Karen Pirie is called in to use her cold case experience. Alongside another case where a pit worker vanished, Pirie now has to establish where the missing people are and whether there is any link between both mysteries. Our online Scottish book shop is full of thrilling novels just like this alongside other Pirie books to take your interest. Shop now. 

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