A Place Of Execution

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A Place Of Execution by Val McDermid

Crime novel fans will be thrilled to get their hands on this compelling psychological thriller by bestselling author Val McDermid.

Transformed into a major ITV drama, A Place Of Execution by Val McDermid is a captivating psychological thriller. When 13-year old Alison Carter disappears back in 1963, everyone knows it must be a murder. It's not until Catherine Heathcote becomes a journalist herself that she kick stars the hunt for Alison, weaving her way through leads and harrowing dead ends. A tale of deception, Heathcote is plunged into uncertainty again when the book she has produced covering the case gets pulled at the last minute. An exploration of the border between illusion and reality, it draws you in at every single page. Discover the best Scottish fiction books here at Kingdom Books.

“A Greek Tragedy in modern England,” A Place of Execution brings together fiction and real-life events. It’s the winter of 1963 in Manchester, and Myra Hindley and Ian Brady have begun their murderous careers. One freezing December day, thirteen-year-old Alison Carter goes missing from Scardale; a self-contained community, void of any trust toward the outside world. With no body to be found for the murder and a myriad of meaningless dead ends, the investigation quickly becomes a harrowing case for newly promoted DI George Bennett. Decades later, George shares his story with Catherine Heathcote, a journalist who plans to publish it. However, just as the book is about to be released, George tried to stop it. The disturbing new information he’s discovered and refuses to divulge could threaten the entire foundations of his existence. Catherine finds herself with no choice but to reinvestigate the past…

Val McDermid’s A Place of Execution is a tense tale of tragedy and monstrous deception. Featuring a multi-layered narrative, this taut, thoughtfully executed thriller is riddled with unexpected twists and is sure to delight those with a penchant for crime fiction.

A riveting psychological thriller, now a major ITV drama, from the Number One bestselling Queen of crime fiction Val McDermid.

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