A Red, Red Rose Tartan Cloth Notebook (Includes Pen)

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This Waverley notebook celebrates 'Red Red Rose', the poem and song by Robert Burns, and is bound in Burns Check tartan cloth, woven in the UK. With 92 pages, the mini notebook comes with a retractable pen, and a song book with four Scottish songs. "A Red, Red Rose" is a 1794 song by Robert Burns, based on traditional sources. The song is often published as a poem, and is one of the most famous verses to be associated with Burns. Towards the end of his life, Robert Burns worked to preserve traditional Scottish songs for the future, contributing to the Scots Musical Museum, and A Select Collection of Original Scottish Airs for the Voice. Burns gave the song to singer Pietro Urbani for it to be published in his Scots Songs, and referred to it as a "simple old Scots song which I had picked up in the country." The lyrics describe a love that is both vital and enduring. The symbolism of rocks melting with the sun, and the seas running dry, evokes the passing of millions of years, and it has been suggested draws on concepts developed around this time - the time of the Scottish Enlightenment - by geologist James Hutton. In 2008, when asked for the source of his greatest creative inspiration, Bob Dylan, American singer songwriter, selected "A Red, Red Rose", as the lyrics that had the biggest effect on his life. The song is unrelentingly popular.

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