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Some it kills. Others it transforms. See beyond the illusion.

CHICAGO, 1928. The Great War has been over for years, and a brave new world forged. With it, Liam's world has transformed as well.

He grow up poor, but now works for one of the richest families in Chicago, reaping the benefits of his friendship with the family's son and heir. Now he's at Club Artemis: a palace of art-deco delights and debauchery, filled to bursting with the rich and beautiful. And tonight they're all drinking one thing.

Absynthe. The green liquor rumoured to cause hallucinations, madness - even death. While gilded youths sip the viridescent liquid, their seemingly perfect world is crumbling.

Their absynthe is no mere folly: some it kills, others it transforms. But in Liam something different has taken place: he can see the world without its illusion. And it isn't the perfect world the government want people to believe...

'Bellecourt's sci-fi debut is complex, ambitious, and sweeping in scope.' Publishers Weekly 'A complex feat of world-building that raises evergreen questions of truth and power with dizzying verve.' Daily Mail

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