Bonnie Prince Charlie

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Telling a story which has been described as 'one of the best kept secrets in Scottish history', Peter Pininski reveals his research on Bonnie Prince Charlie's 'hidden' grandchildren, one of whom was his own great-great-great grandfather. And in an astounding twist of fate he discovered that his mother was descended down the female line from Cameron of Lochiel, Bonnie Prince Charlie's most staunch ally in 1745/6. He also charts the early life of Prince Charles Edward Stewart, 'the Young Pretender', his multi-cultural upbringing at the exiled British court in Rome and the traits he inherited from his Polish princess mother. The book has been rewritten and updated from the edition published by Amberley in 2010. It features on the cover a portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie that was in a private collection and unknown to the general public until 2018 when it was purchased by the Pininski Foundation.

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