Boxy & Me : A Love That Never Died

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A heart-warming tale of the bond between a young woman and her bull. She was his eyes when he suffered near blindness, fought and won the battle in the High Court that saved him from slaughter, unmasking what appeared to have been a cover-up to a botched test in a government department, and together in the show ring they were an unbeatable team. This is the incredible, true and highly emotional story of the relationship that developed between a young woman, farmer's daughter Kate and her gentle giant bull, Boxy from a little rural village in Yorkshire.

It is a heart-warming tale of their bond that would bring tears, laughter, joy and despair, hope and euphoria over a decade that saw the pair remain inseparable until Kate had to make a decision that she found the hardest of all. Kate and renowned farming journalist and author Chris Berry combine to produce Boxy & Me - A Love That Never Died.

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