Broken Ground

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Broken Ground by Val McDermid

Written by number one bestseller, Val McDermid, Broken Ground is an atmospheric Scotland murder book. Set in the remote depths of the Highlands, DCI Karen Pirie is called in to unravel the case of long-buried inheritance. From here, she finds herself thrown into a murder investigation of a case she thought had been solved already - by her. Now she is challenged with dealing with a different version of justice more terrifying than the first. This novel takes you on an exhilarating and atmospheric journey through the wilderness and into the complexities of local crime. We have a wide selection of Scottish books including the best Scottish fiction books online here today.

Bestselling ‘Queen of crime’ Val McDermid returns with her most thrilling, climatic crime novel yet.

After a body is unearthed deep in the remote Scottish Highlands, Detective Crime Inspector Karen Pirie happens to be in precisely the right place to investigate. Discovered buried with someone’s inheritance, the body seems to belong to the distant past, but new evidence soon calls this theory into question. No sooner is DCI Pirie on the case, before she’s drawn into a different case too - none other than a horrific crime she believed she’d prevented. As Karen nears closer to the disturbing truths behind these two terrifying murders, she quickly realises she’s dealing with something far darker than she could have ever imagined…

No less than to be expected from bestselling crime author Val McDermid, Broken Ground is a bracing, twisted, and utterly compelling crime thriller where nothing is ever as it seems.

Number one bestseller and queen of crime Val McDermid returns with her most breathtakingly atmospheric and exhilarating novel yet.


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