Burns for Every Day of the Year

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Robert 'Rabbie' Burns, Scotland's National Bard, wrote over 700 poems and collected many traditional Scottish folk songs, and you can discover them here. Rabbie's generosity and humanity are celebrated in the words of his most famous poem 'Auld Lang Syne', sung in a spirit of friendship and reconciliation as midnight strikes on New Year's Eve across the world. And, for the international Scottish diaspora, the 25th of January offers an annual opportunity to enjoy a Burns Supper in exuberant honour of their National Bard. But Rabbie Burns is not just for New Year or for the 25th of January. Each page of this lively, unique collection features an extract from a poem or a song, matched to the date. Each day's choice reflects the seasons, links the past and the present, and highlights key moments in the life and times of Robert Burns - a romantic, radical poet of the common man whose aim was to make the world a better place. Our editor's introductions bring fresh insight into the work - in Scots and in English - of this poet whose values and aspirations remain as relevant to Scottish culture as they were more than 200 years ago. Authentic, democratic, thought-provoking and entertaining, the work of Robert Burns truly offers something for everyone. He's been honoured with banknotes, statues and many a party, but now Burns for Every Day of the Year brings you Rabbie's best-loved classics alongside equally loved but lesser-known extracts. Daily contact with Rabbie's poetry is sure to enhance your year with wit, wisdom, love and friendship.

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