Charles At Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes

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As this Royal icon moves into a new period in his life, Charles at Seventy - Thoughts, Hopes & Dreams provides fresh resources and material into his life. Written by Robert Jobson, it offers a clear insight into the extraordinary life of HRH Charles, Prince of Wales. From the newspaper headlines that have captured his zest for life through to his profoundly held beliefs, this book looks to throw out misconceptions and present a clear descriptive overlook of this monarch. A collaboration between Clarence House and Jobson, it draws on memories from a number of close sources including members of the Royal Household. This hardcover book provides information that could be helpful to researchers, students or historians. It forms part of our England and Scotland biography books online, amongst other titles in our collection.

An insight into the extraordinary life of Prince Charles, considering the changing perspective of the monarchy his course of life has contributed to and taking stock of what might be ahead.

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