Children of the Sun

Paperback / softback
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Founded by the enigmatic Sol, Atlas is a refuge for broken souls who believe they will soon cross into another world where their past decisions never ended in tragedy. James Morrow is a rookie New York City reporter who secures an invitation to the camp on the condition he tell the world of its wonders. Although he's sceptical, James understands better than most the desperate nature of their beliefs.

But James soon finds there is a darker side to the cult beyond the prayers and yellow robes. A group of children are treated like gods, there are iron strips embedded in the earth, and nobody talks about what's behind the gates of Sol's private sanctuary. As the final ceremony draws near, James must ask himself, what will it cost to reach this other life? And is that a price he's willing to pay?WHAT READERS ARE SAYING:'I would give this book ten stars if I could .

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