Collins Dictionary of Scottish History

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An up-to-date, authoritative and accessible survey of Scottish history from the 10th century

As perhaps at no other time in recent memory, Scottish affairs are commanding centre stage and Scottish history in particular is the focus of intense media and popular interest. In spite of this, there are few reliable reference works available that allow the curious to access quickly and easily the history of their nation.

The Collins Dictionary of Scottish History goes far towards rectifying this situation. Alphabetically arranged, this inclusive guide to major and minor events and personalities from Scotland's story since the tenth century matches accessibility with scholarship. It presents its information carefully and judiciously and its more extended treatment of major topics is clear, well-balanced and draws on the most up-to-date research available.

Key articles on major themes and issues
• All entries fully referenced with guidance to further reading on each major topic or personality
• Substantial section of appendices presenting key statistical and other data
• 25 clearly annotated maps

The Collins Dictionary of Scottish History is an authoritative reference work that will also satisfy the browser. Because of this, it will become a standard source for native Scots, those abroad and for anyone with an interest in Scottish affairs.

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