Corrour Bothy: A Refuge in the Wilderness

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The Scottish Highlands are famous for their bothies - unique mountain refuges that offer free basic shelter in the wilds. The oldest and most famous of these is Corrour, situated in the heart of the Cairngorms at the foot of the mighty monolith of rock known as The Devil's Point. It has been offering shelter from the elements to walkers and climbers since the 1920s and, now renovated, remains as popular as ever.

Visitors' books, dating from 1928, catalogue a century of comings and goings in the Cairngorms backcountry, from the hardy climbers of the 1930 to the growing numbers of walkers visiting today. Life and death, joy and tragedy, war and peace, humour and adventure, hardship and enchantment, cantankerous mice and the odd spot of rain... Corrour has seen it all.

Corrour Bothy combines a wealth of background and historical information with a treasury of evocative extracts from these visitor records, ranging from the humorous to the poetic and spiritual.

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