Dead If You Don't by Peter James

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Paperback edition of the stand alone novel from the author of the popular DS Roy Grace books. John and Naomi are devastated when their 4 year old son dies from a rare genetic disorder. So when they hear about geneticist Dr Dettore's clinic, where they can design their new child from scratch, theydecide to give it a go. But things aren't what they seem at the clinic.

From CWA Diamond Dagger award-winning author Peter James, Dead if You Don’t sees Detective Roy Grace facing his deadliest, most complicated case yet.

Successful businessman and compulsive gambler Kipp Brown is seeing his luck turned upside down. He’s beginning to lose it all. Taking his son Mungo to watch their football club’s Saturday afternoon match seems like the only respite. Little does he Kipp Brown know, his worst nightmare is only about to begin.

Entering the stadium, Kipp bumps into one of his clients. After finishing the conversation, he turns back to find his boy is gone. Next, a terrifying message that someone has Mungo, and a threat that if he wants his boy home and alive, Kipp will need to pay.

Despite the instruction not to call the police, Kipp gets in touch with them, and Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is quickly on the case. Seemingly straightforward at first, DSI Grace quickly becomes caught up in the dark, deadly criminal world of the city, where nothing is as it seems and nobody is safe.

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