Dice: A Dark Art by Mac Logan

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A man walks into an upmarket restaurant in the City. Within seconds, a senior banker lies dead. Shortly afterwards a senior Civil Servant is also shot. Someone is tidying up.

DICE picks up where The SLICE leaves off. In Europe and the USA, Sam Duncan squares up to a secret cabal motivated by greed and power. These players incite corruption, betrayal and murder. Eilidh suffers from PTSD and needs constant care.

Sam Duncan and the mysterious Tonka plunge into a lethal escalation of the battle against a monstrous global confedof business, criminals, bankers, officials and politicians want to stop him. Money talks as betrayal and murder stalk Sam and disrupt his investigation.

Sam, Tonka and a mysterious woman are both hunters and hunted. Their enemy, a deadly hydra-like network, attacks from all sides. Its lethal reach and power are as frightening as they are lethal.

Aggressive pursuit places the team in stark jeopardy and survival comes down to a matter of minutes. What price the power of love in the darkest of times?

Just what can you do to overcome an unprincipled foe? In a wild final confrontation, Sam is going to find out … win or lose, there’ll be a price to pay.

Another remarkable piece of crime and conspiracy fiction from talented author Mac Logan, Dice: A Dark Art is an unmissable read.

This spectacular follow on from Mac Logan’s previous crime novel Slice: A Dark Art, sees characters Sam Duncan and Tonka hurled into a dirty and disturbing escalating battle against a convoluted global confederacy of businesses, bankers, criminals, officials and politicians who are prepared to let nothing stand in their way to stop them. To those stalking Sam, bloodshed, betrayal, and murder are barely worth batting an eyelid over when it comes to protecting their money and their identity.

Violent, gritty, and incredibly gripping, this sensational follow on from author Mac Logan is a book that will have you glued to the spot with suspense and hooked right through to the very last page.

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