Drawing for the Soul : Simple drawing projects for beginners, to calm, soothe and restore

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Learn how to use drawing to soothe your soul with this beginner's guide to drawing for relaxation. So many drawing books focus on the result of your drawing, but this fresh approach looks first at the process of drawing as a means to de-stress and unwind. Many people love the idea of drawing but hold themselves back from starting because they are worried about not being good enough.

In this guide for the absolute beginner, artist Zoe Ingram shows you that just drawing very simple lines and shapes can have a powerful meditative effect, and at the same time create beautiful art you can be proud of. The aim of the techniques and projects in this book is to create art that relaxes both the artist and the viewer of the finished piece. Projects range from simple bookmarks, cards and small wall pieces to larger art pieces that you never thought possible - all done with a focus on relaxation - which is so important in today's fast-paced, increasingly digital world.

Learn why drawing can be so relaxing, what materials you can use, different ways to draw, what subjects you can draw, and create beautiful artworks that will lift the spirits both during the drawing process and beyond, as finished pieces of art. Author Zoe Ingram is an established and talented artist who is passionate about using art for relaxation. Her gentle lessons and nurturing reassurance will guide even total beginners through the process of making soothing, soulful modern drawings.

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