Exit Music by Ian Rankin

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Another adventure by Detective Rebus, Exit Music by Ian Rankin explores the idea of murder, or something more. When a dissident Russian poet is discovered dead at the same time a delegation of Russian businessmen arrives in-town, Rebus is called in. Accompanied by DI Siobhan Clarke, they work through follow-on killings and a premeditated assault on a local gangster. But will Rebus's links with the underworld see him dragged down, just as his retirement draws ever closer? We have a selection of Ian Rankin books available in our online Scottish book shop alongside other well-recognised and respected titles. Browse the range online today.

A dissident Russian poet perishes in either a misjudged mugging or something involving the cohort of Russian businessmen also in Edinburgh at the time, as Rebus's retirement beckons.

From the master of British crime novels, Ian Rankin comes another remarkable Rebus novel and an absolute must-read for anyone who has followed Rankin’s gripping Rebus crime series.

As Detective Inspector Rebus reaches the final days before retirement, he tries to tie up some loose ends. No sooner has he begun than a murder case interferes with his plans. The body of a Russian poet is discovered in what appears to be a mugging gone awry. A delegate of the Russian businessmen also happens to be town, and it would seem everyone is adamant the case be completed and closed clinically and quickly.

It doesn’t take much digging for Rebus and Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke to twig that what they have here is far more than just some random attack. With more killings and a violent, pre-meditated assault on a local gangster which sees Rebus in the frame, the Inspector finds himself fighting against time in the few days he has left to his retirement, unsure if he will even make it to the end of his long, inglorious career alive…

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