Feisty and Fiery and Fierce: Badass Celtic Women to Live Your Life by From Scotland, Ireland ad Wales

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Celtic women, both 'ordinary' and 'extraordinary' have often been overlooked in recorded history, while their male counterparts hogged the limelight. Too often written by the victors, and written by men, for men, the incredible stories of Scotland's and Ireland's women have been all-too-often banished to the footnotes of our nations' interwoven histories. This collection brings together the stories of those women already well-known, whose place in history is significant and remembered - or often misremembered - and those women whose mark is found in the shadows, women whose stories are now uncovered and celebrated in a new light. Women like Petronilla de Meath, Gráinne nì Mháille and Agnes Clerke from Ireland and Iseabal Nì Mheic Cailéin, Jessie Mann and Helen Crawfurd from Scotland, whose shared Celtic history and experiences bear remarkable similarities. Feisty, Fiery and Fierce brings together a 'coven' of 30 bad-ass Celtic women whose stories challenge the idea that the women of the past rarely did anything worth recording. The stories of these women, and their true mark on history, will entertain you, enrage you, uplift you and inspire you.

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