Folkland Fables : Scottish Fairy

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Magical creatures are real and you’re one of the few who see them.

None of them act like in fairy tales, so you’ve no idea who is friend or foe. You need help.

You need Folkland Fables; an illustrated guide to the Scottish fairy creatures of Folkland Wood.

 “Folkland Fables isn’t a page-turner – it’s far too good for that.” Monique Sanders

“This book is enriched with truly exquisite illustrations that bring the stories to life.” Pauline Stevenson

A fairy-sighted human wrote this book year ago and left it for you with the gnomes. It’ll help you find your feet when folklore and magic enter your life, and it explains everything you need to know when you first meet mythical creatures.

Some species friendly, a few are scary, but none act like you’d expect. Kelpies have low self-esteem, giants act like toddlers, and will-o’-the-wisps blow raspberries at you.

However, you’ve noticed a problem. Even after leaving the forest you’re still 'away with the fairies'. Will this drawback make you give up your fairy-sight forever? You’ve got a decision to make...


Inspired by Celtic folklore, Jenni Gudgeon turns legendary reputations on their head by imagining how a creature’s mythology would shape their personality, and how they’d behave if you saw them every day.

Folkland Wood is a fictional place inspired by real life Falkland Estate in Fife, Scotland, whose history, legends, and geography is interwoven into Folkland's tales.

“Folkland Fables is similar in overall style to the 2001 book written by J.K Rowling called ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, although this includes wonderful illustrations which add a lot to the book.” Off The Record 

“Buy this book, you will not be disappointed if you love magic and/or search and find books.” Amazon review by Knitwit

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