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The Holy Injil in Modern English: The Good News According to Luke is an entirely new, fresh, and vibrant translation of this important part of the Holy Scriptures.  English has become the world’s lingua franca. This text of the Holy Injil is designed specifically for English speakers whose religious vocabulary is influenced by the Arabic language and Middle Eastern tradition.

The Holy Injil records the extraordinary life and words of Isa al-Masih—his unique birth, the miracles he performed, his profound and heart-gripping teachings. It tells us how Isa’s entire time on earth fulfilled the ancient prophecies of the Holy Scriptures, namely, those which Allah (to him be all praise) had previously given to the Prophet Musa, King Dawud, and the other prophets to record in the Holy Tawrat, Zabur, and al-Anbiya.

This English translation is done directly from the ancient Greek language source text. That text itself was written soon after Isa al-Masih’s life and ascension into heaven. Thanks to the will of Allah, it has been miraculously preserved in thousands of hand-written manuscripts, many of which, whether in the original Greek or translations into ancient languages, date well before 600 A.D. Some even go back to the second century.

This English translation is accompanied by footnotes to help readers, especially those unfamiliar with the Holy Injil. It includes colored maps depicting the ancient land and travels of Isa al-Masih. And it also includes twenty short articles answering key questions about Isa’s life and teachings—the message Allah gave to him for all people of all time. Quoted in those articles are selections from the Tawrat, Zabur, and al-Anbiya, along with other portions of the Holy Injil.

As the preface to The Holy Injil in Modern English says,

The Bible is the most famous book in the history of the world. The most translated, the most printed, the most distributed, the most loved, the most read. It is also the most hated and the most vilified. Either way, to be ignorant of it is to be ignorant of history, of religion, of literature, and ultimately of humanity itself.

May Allah bless and encourage you through the life and words of Isa al-Masih!

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