Home Time Blues by Archie Thorn

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Tired to death of teaching in a Scottish secondary school, Archie Thorn is desperate for something to break the monotony of his existence.

This is the story of two days when everything does change, but not in a way that anybody, including Thorn, could have predicted.

In an acutely observed and provocative novel, the author explores unexpected developments in the life of someone at odds with the system.

‘Unconventional and sometimes very funny, this novel takes a unique look at some of the issues which can plague the life of a teacher.’

Archie Thorn is a writer and teacher who has been tapping away at a keyboard for years. His first novel, 'Home Time Blues', is an imaginative riff on his time in a modern Scottish secondary school. At times bleakly drole and and at other times anarchically funny. 



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