Home Truths with Lady Grey

Paperback / softback
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'Home Truths with Lady Grey' is an evocative, moving story about the power of friendship to unlock new ways of seeing life and self. 'My world is narrowing, constricting down to the thin end of a funnel.' When normally capable, career-minded Jennifer crumbles under a debilitating disease, she struggles with no longer being in control of her life. In the meantime, Mona, a family-oriented mother of Iranian heritage, finds out that her husband is gambling and hiding the truth from her.

Can she move beyond betrayal to action?When Mona goes to work for Jennifer as a carer, Jennifer is initially defensive, but the two soon discover that despite their differences they have so much to learn from one another. Will Mona discover how to balance the conflicting loyalties of family and self? Will Jennifer learn to let others in? And most importantly, will they both survive?

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