In A House Of Lies

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In A House Of Lies by Ian Rankin is the newest adventure in the Detective John Rebus series. Detective Siobhan Clarke is part of a new inquiry, looking into a missing private investigator who is discovered locked in a car, deep in the woods. After a decade without answers, it's time for Clarke to discover the truth. Every officer in the case is questioned and it seems that each person has something to hide. There's only one many who knows where that trail may lead - John Rebus. We have some of the best Scottish fiction books online in our bookshop, available to purchase today.

A new Detective John Rebus novel, in which DI Siobhan Clarke combs through the pitfalls of earlier investigations after a missing private investigator's discovery locked in a car in the woods, with Rebus knowing that where the trail leads could be bad news for him.

In a House of Lies is the brand new novel from the best-selling master of British crime novels Ian Rankin, released in October 2018.

John Rebus might be retired, but his investigative days are far from finished. After a private investigator is discovered locked in a car deep in the woods, it’s established that his body was located in an area that had been previously searched. Di Siobhan Clarke is part of the new inquiry, inspecting all the possible mistakes of the original case. All officers involved are to be questioned, and it seems that everyone who’s a part of the case is hiding something, with seemingly everything to lose. Only Rebus knows where the trail may lead, but he also knows it could spell the end of him…

Together with Detective Siobhan Clarke, ex-DI Ian Rankin returns once again in this compelling new crime novel, to solve a case which threatens not only to drag up disturbing secrets of the past but also to disrupt the present.

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