In Search Of A Prince

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In Search Of A Prince: My Life With Barbara Hutton by Mona Eldridge

This biography is an insider's account of life with Barbara Hutton, the Woolworth heiress who died in 1979. Her extravagant lifestyle, famous wealth, three luxurious houses, seven husbands and many lovers mean that rumours and gossip often circulate around her name even today. This account is written by her social secretary, Mona Eldridge who worked for her for 4 years from 1959, looking after her bills, catering for her entourage, travelling with her and managing the staff of her homes in Paris, Tangiers and Cuernavaca. She describes Hutton as a generous soul trapped by her own weaknesses, and as a woman of culture who acted as a mother figure to Mona and introduced her to a star-studded world in which Gottfried von Cramm regularly called, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor would come to lunch, and Cary Grant to stay. Mona Eldridge aims to shatter some myths - asserting that loneliness, unhappiness and isolation were not part of Hutton's life and that she was not, as has been stated often, the wealthiest woman in the world.

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