Insidious Intent by Val McDermid

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Insidious Intent features two of Val McDermid's most iconic characters: Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. When a burnt body is discovered at the driver's seat of an engulfed car, the investigation unfolds. Jordan and Hill both realise there is more to this case and set about tracking down the killer who believes he is above the law. As they move through their journey, more and more body's turn up, having met the same fate and the duo are forced down a path of twisted fear and revenge. Written by the Queen of crime herself, McDermid brings to life the thrill and mystery behind this in-depth crime. Find Scottish books online in our book shop today.

A suspenseful new novel featuring the iconic sleuthing duo, Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. On the hunt for a terrifying killer who believes himself to be invisible, together with the discovery of more victims who have met the same terrible fate, Hill and Jordan are drawn into a dark and twisted web of fear and revenge.

umber one bestseller and queen of crime fiction Val McDermid is back once again with her heart-thumping latest novel, Insidious Intent.

Featuring two of the most renowned and unforgettable characters, psychological profiler Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan, Insidious Intent begins when a car is engulfed in flames on a country road in the middle of the night, leaving a burned body to be discovered in the driver’s seat.

As Tony and Carol get further into their investigation, they soon realise this is no tragic accident but is a crime committed by a killer so calculated and obnoxious, that he believes he is completely untraceable and untouchable.

With an increasing number of victims suffering the same fate, and with many more at risk, Tony and Carol soon find themselves in a twisted dark web of fear and revenge, in their race against time to solve this harrowing case.

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