Killer's Craft by Wendy H Jones

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Killer's Craft by Wendy H Jones is the latest thriller to launch into the book world and one that will draw you in instantly. When a blizzard of murders sweeps across Dundee, DI Shona McKenzie is called in to investigate. Unsure of how many killers are at large, will she find those responsible before the death toll rises? The second title in this well-loved series, Jones brings to life the complexity of murder investigations through the power of crime fiction. Find the best stories and most engaging fictional novels in our online Scottish book shop. We have a host of respected and iconic writers to choose from here today.

A blizzard of murders in snowbound Dundee!

Dead bodies proliferate. Nuns, prostitutes, and a henpecked husband! Is anyone safe?

DI Shona McKenzie investigates multiple murders, unsure how many killers she is seeking. Will She succeed before the death toll mounts

Killer’s Craft is the second novel in the Shona McKenzie Mystery Series written by author Wendy H Jones.

Set in a snowed-under Dundee, a blizzard of murders are unsolved. “Nuns, prostitutes and a henpecked husband! Is anyone safe?” Detective Inspector Shona McKenzie must use her best judgement in a race against time to seek out the killers and solve these multiple murders before the death toll increases anymore!

Killer’s Craft successfully develops the setting of Dundee and the relationships of the characters as this series evolves, and this thrilling mystery novel is highly recommended to anyone who has finished and enjoyed Wendy H Jones’s first novel in the Shona McKenzie Mystery Series, Killer Countdown.

Intriguing, fast-moving and infused with humour throughout, Killer’s Craft is a compelling criminal-packed page-turner from start to finish and is sure to leave you ready and eager for the third in the series.


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