Life Everlasting: The National Museums Scotland

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Who were the young woman and child buried with magnificent gold and luxurious finery in an Egyptian mummy dated around 1550 BC? Evidence suggests the woman may have been a queen. If so, the National Museums Scotland houses the only Egyptian royal burial seen anywhere outside Cairo. Sixty-five stunning funerary items, coffins, mummy-cases, masks, portraits, jewellery and other adornments of the well-equipped mummy are illustrated and annotated in this new hardcover that is as reader-friendly as it is comprehensive. We are reminded of the humanity here - these coffins began with a life - and text provides a glimpse into their stories. Included are the coffin of the priest Iufenamun and the double mummies of half-brothers, Petamun and Penhorpabik. Annotations include item owner, dating, dimensions, materials, description, provenance and mode of acquisition. Organized sequentially, the expert authors explain styles and techniques and the changes in each epoch - taking their story from the age of the pyramids around 2,000 the time of Roman Rule ending in the third century A.D., after which Egypt would transform into a Christian society. Concordances, chronology of Egypt, and a glossary are included. *For the Egyptologist - laypeople and professionals alike, for collectors, curators, historians, archaeologists *Unveils information on a superb collection

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