Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin

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The sixth novel in the Detective Rebus series, Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin is just as thrilling as the rest. When a tortured body is discovered in the Edinburgh streets, Rebus is called in to investigate sectarian activists. With the town full to the brim of festival visitors, the potential for a disaster is high. Rebus soon discovers the victim is the son of a notorious gangster and realises he is sitting on top of a ticking time bomb. Will he solve the mystery before more people turn up hurt or worse? Our online Scottish book shop is full of the best fiction novels available. So browse the collection here today.

The sixth Inspector Rebus novel - 'an outstanding creation' SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

Mortal Causes is the sixth book in the renowned series of Inspector Rebus novels from bestselling crime novel writer Ian Rankin and is a read so captivating it makes it difficult to get anything else done!

After a body of a young man is discovered brutally tortured and hanging from a butcher’s hook in one of the ancient subterranean streets of the city, the unusual marks found on the corpse draw John Rebus to suspect that the death is most likely an execution, and that sectarian activists may well be involved. When it is discovered that the victim is, in fact, the son of notorious criminal gangster, Big Ger Cafferty, already a rival of Rebus for previous reasons, DI Rebus realises he’s in for a much bigger headache than first thought, and to get out of this case suffering merely a headache would be a serious stroke of luck.

An intense, gripping read, Mortal Causes is a must-have for any Inspector Rebus fans and a superb standalone crime story all of its own.

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