Old Dalbeattie and Palnackie

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Spanning the life of Dalbeattie from the late 19th to the mid 20th century the photographs included here range from atmospheric Edwardian images of horse-drawn carriages and one of the earliest bicycles, to a strikingly evocative picture of 1914 recruits to the 5th King's Own Scottish Borderers drilling in a crowded High Street on the eve of war. Quarrymen at Craignair granite quarry are nicely caught shaping the famous stone which went to make the Eddystone Lighthouse, Manchester Town Hall, and the Thames Embankment (amongst other famous locations) and the Edwardian ladies of the glove factory are featured at work and taking a well-earned break. The reputation of Dalbeattie gloves must have been excellent as we are told that they were worn by Captain Scott and his party on their last exhibition to the South Pole.

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