Old Largo and Lundin Links

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Recent aerial photography has revealed the antiquity of this small area at the edge of the East Neuk in Fife. Experts believe they have identified the remains of a circular Neolithic henge monument dating to around 5000 B.C. lying adjacent to the still visible Bronze Age standing stones which are thought to be from around 2500 B.C.. Tourists escaping from industrial Scotland provided an energetic economic boom to the region in the early 20th century but the area has now relaxed once more into picturesque tranquillity. Its well deserved popularity with discerning summer visitors shows no sign of diminishing however and there are still many holiday homes there. Many of the scenes in this volume, most of which were photographed in the early 20th century have changed little over the years and include pictures from Drummochy and Lower Largo (separated until a road bridge was constructed in 1914), tranquil scenes of Largo Harbour from around 1911, the small villages of Temple and Sandy Hillocks before they were absorbed and a nostalgic view of heavy horses ploughing behind Woods Hospital in the 1930s.

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