Robert the Bruce: A Life Chronicled

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Walk in the footsteps of a Scottish King and discover what happened when he ventured to Ireland in Robert the Bruce: A Life Chronicled. This explorative study by Chris Brown looks into the 1315 expedition that saw a fleet of Scots veterans of Bannockburn step ashore on what is now known as County Antrim. It looks into questions such as, 'What had the Bruce brothers hoped to achieve from their Irish venture? and 'Did they always envision the invasion turning into a permanent conquest?'. Brown includes lavish illustrations that bring the battle to live and tells the story of the invasion is an eloquent and descriptive manner. Find this paperback book in our online UK bookstore today and delve deeper into both Scottish and English history.

Much is known about Robert the Bruce's military campaigns for Scottish Independence in Scotland and England but what about his expeditions to Ireland? In the early summer of 1315 a fleet-load of Scots veterans of Bannockburn put ashore on the coast of what is now County Antrim. The Anglo-Scottish conflict had transferred itself to Irish soil. The expedition was led by Edward Bruce, Robert the Bruce's brother, and recently ratified as heir-presumptive to the Scottish throne. By any standards, it was a major undertaking, planned well in advance, to which a significant proportion of Scotland's hard-pressed resources were devoted. It amounted to a full scale invasion. What the Bruce brothers hoped to achieve from their Irish venture is hotly debated. Did the Bruces envisage turning the invasion into a permanent conquest? Was the aim to exploit Irish dissidence to push Edward II into acknowledging Robert's claim to Scotland? Or had Robert been hoping for the former but been content with the latter? This lavishly illustrated study attempts to answer these questions and tells the story of the invasion itself and the battles that followed.

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