Robert the Bruce - Path of the Hero King

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Robert the Bruce - Path of the Hero King by Nigel Tranter

Robert the Bruce
- his rise from the ashes of defeat
to the glowing triumph of Bannockburn
At the opening of this stirring novel, the reader meets Bruce as a man broken in every way except in spirit. He has been excommunicated and is a fugitive from the English. With the exception of his wife, nobody has any faith in him and his vision of freedom. Indeed, the war-weary Scots seem long past caring.

But from this desperate situation and in the face of apparently unbearable setbacks where he loses all but his life, Robert the Bruce rises and finally faces the English at the memorable battle of Bannockburn.

"Nigel Tranter is no dry-as-dust historian, but his wide-ranging tremendous story is not all blood and fire. It has humour, colour and beauty and unexpected tenderness. It is a novel to remember"

"It's all stirring stuff"
Glasgow evening times

"... this is historical novel writing at its best... a book of consistently high standard of literary artistry . .. a very fine work indeed" cork examiner

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