Scotland: The Autobiography : 2,000 Years of Scottish History by Rosemary Goring Who Saw it Happen by

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Scotland's history is wide and vast. Depending on the lens applied, it can be seen as an unrelenting tale of oppression and poverty or a glowing roll-call of innovation, exploration and entrepreneurship. In fact, it's all of the above.

In Scotland: An Autobiography, Professor Rosemary Goring shows Scotland's history as it happened by those who were there - from criminals, servants, house-wives, poets, journalists and nurses to politicians, novelists, prisoners, comedians, sportsmen and even queens. It is the good and the bad. The everyday and the key historical moments.

A vivid, panoramic and engrossing account, she has created a living history and the perfect read for anyone not only seeking to understand Scotland's past but also its heart and soul.

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