Scotland to Shalimar: A Family's Life in India

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Many a loft is full of family memorabilia, but Bryony Hill's collection is extraordinary. Packed to the rafters with photographs and historical documents, Bryony Hill has finally achieved her dream of studying those precious albums to reveal a record of her British family who left the Highlands for India during the reign of George III, continuing through to the reign of Queen Victoria, the high noon of the Raj. In Scotland to Shalimar - a Family's Life in India you'll find family portraits dating back to the 18th century, her ancestor's watercolour images and precious sketches that mingle amongst favourite family recipes, stories of courage, riddles and rhymes - all collected through the generations. This well-researched, fascinating book creates a vivid and unique portrait of life at different stages in the ever-fascinating history of the British and their on-going relationship with India.

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