Scotland's Untold Stories by Leonard Low

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SCOTLANDS UNTOLD STORIES a mass of chapters of forgotten History and quirky stories....Jack the Ripper 1888 in Pittenweem?, the Moor Murderers in St Monans?...the Scottish king an artist muse for 300 years, selling your Wife!, the female Witchpricker,the Monster of Queensberry house....and the Orkney farting Witch....and more! This book is with GUARDBRIDGE BOOKS a new vibrant publisher from St Andrews...SCOTLANDS UNTOLD STORIES IS NOW OUT AS LENNYS FIRST E BOOK.

Leonard Low was born in Upper Largo 1967. He has a passion for the morbid ghastly side of History, especially the Witch killing years....he has amassed a fair library holding the source materials for most of the known Witch trials in Britain, and uses this for research! He lectures on this subject to all who will have him, he has a medieval tower in Pittenweem in which he also lectures on his book THE WEEM WITCH. THE WEEM WITCH being a history of the 26 Witches found in Pittenweem and after 3 reprints is still getting media intrest!.

LARGOS UNTOLD STORIES came out in 2013.... a book covering Witches, cannibalism, serious perverts, sea battles ,Plague, maniac sea captains and the bigamist drunken antics of Robinson Crusoe....all inhabitants of Largo!....this was followed by

St ANDREWS UNTOLD STORIES in 2015..more Witches ,murdered Priests, Cardinals, Bishops, Monks and Archbishops, the sausage slaughter,Nazi bombings,rabbit wars and A Capone......

2016..sees at the publishers. THE BATTLE OF ST MONANS where in 1548 a small Scottish force engages the Admiralty of England at an attempted landing in FIFE....over 900 killed and the invaders beaten back to the sea in this relatively unknown encounter with the Auld Enemy. All is explained and the Battle with its characters examined in detail for the first time.

Leonard also has appeared on TV..BBC Alba "Mach a sea" and in 2021 "MEN IN KILTS" with Sam Heugan and Graham Mactavish from Outlander. Talking about the Crail Witches....2021 should see the long awaited LOWDOWN ON WITCHES see fruit as a 30 chapter book on Scottish Witch trials.

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