Scottish Lion on Patrol : 15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regiment

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This is a fascinating acount of the 15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regiment. They played a key role in the liberation of Europe and the Regiment was unique in that it was in the forefront of the crossings of the Rivers Seine, Rhine and Elbe. The troops who landed in Normandy were highly trained but most of them had not experienced actual combat; however they quickly learnt the skills necessary to survive and defeat a cunning and resourceful foe.Scottish Lion on Patrol was first published in 1950. This new edition has been written by Tim Chamberlin who, being closely involved with the Old Comrades Association, has had rare access to veterans' memories. Full of eye-witness accounts, this is a true story of a real 'Band of Brothers', the original work being faithfully reproduced and significant new material from personal recollections which are graphic, moving and occasionally humorous.As Major General Peter Grant Peterkin says in his new foreword, 'His interviews with those who fought bravely with the Regiment have brought a fresh and well-informed insight into the story.

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