Scottish Proverbs

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Proverbs, once described as 'the wisdom of many and the wit of one', offer unique insights the way of life and the social mores of past generations. This book features an introduction which explores the role of proverbs in Scottish culture and over 1,000 proverbs arranged in easily accessible A-Z format. Many have been commonly used for hundreds of years, but modern sayings are also included.

The addition of a comprehensive glossary will help you fully appreciate these colourful and often humorous nuggets of wisdom and advice. Jock's a mislear'd imp, but ye're a rum deilJock may be mischievous, but he's well behaved by your standards The fish that sooms in a dub will aye taste o' mudYou can never change your upbringing When ye can suit yer shanks to my shoon, ye may speakDon't speak about me until you've been in a similar situation yourself

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