Siren Dreams: 2 (The Rise of Ares) by Jade Frances

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You can't escape reality, when your enemies haunt your dreams. 

All her life Evangeline dreamed of finding her purpose. Now that she has, she is certain that she doesn't want to fulfil it. Especially not when it could tip the scales in the war that's brewing between The Gifted. 

Evangeline must travel to the Fae communities to convince them that, although there is darkness within her, she is on the side of light. Tensions rise, trust is betrayed and those closest to her might not have her best interests at heart. The very darkness that she wields, seeps its way into her dreams throughout her travels. This time, someone new enters them. Someone that seems to be trying to communicate with her.  

Is it a warning of danger to come, or simply an unending memory of her failure to rid the world of The Veils leader? 

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