Songs of the Spirit

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This important new publication is now available, priced at £5. There is a great need at present for sound teaching on worship – the worship that God commands from us, rather than that which we choose to give to Him. A variety of authors from various Churches have contributed to this volume. They share a common conviction that we must worship God in the songs that He Himself has inspired. From the rear cover: How should we worship God? “It is my firm conviction that the only standard that matters is how our final Judge measures each one of us, including in how we worship Him. I hope that as you read this book you will be challenged to consider that the worship that God accepts is that which he has appointed, not that which man chooses.” Donald Macdonald, from the Preface “The only way to go forward is to go back. The answer to the widespread confusion and apostasy lies in the recovery of truths once heartily embraced – and, indeed, sworn to – but now largely abandoned and forgotten. It is the conviction of all who contribute to this booklet that the recovery of earnest, intelligent and spiritual unaccompanied singing of Psalms in the praise of the church is a major part of the repentance and renewal so badly needed in the church today.” Rev Kenneth Stewart, from the Introduction List of Contributors: Kenneth Stewart, William Maclean, Donald Balfour, William Mackay, John Keddie, David Murray, David Silversides & Matthew Vogan.

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