Spider-man/Deadpool Omnibus by Joe Kelly

Paperback / softback
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Because the fans demanded it! The Webbed Wonder and the Merc with a Mouth are teaming up to become the definitive Dynamic Duo. Brace yourselves for action and adventure, lots of webs and wall-crawling, guns, bullets, knives and more guns, plus just a smattering of (b) romance. Plus, Deadpool goes Hollywood! See the M w/the M on the set of his own MOVIE! And he brings his pal Spidey along, as he has lots of experience selling out! Also, in the truest of Deadpool traditions, we present a 'lost' issue of the Amazing Spider-Man! Flashback to the swinging 60s for one of Deadpool & Spidey's earliest meetings! Lastly, who is Itsy-Bitsy? Trouble, definetly trouble!

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