Storm Ahead : 11

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It was November when Lindsey went to stay with Tamzin, yet as they punted their way from Dunsford to Westling the heat was stifling and the air ominously still. Then suddenly they were hit by tempestuous squalls which dropped back to brooding calm as unexpectedly as they began. Old Jim the ferryman was waiting for them at Dunsford. "We got a dirty lotter weather brewin' up, or I ent never seen none," he said, and his prophecy was only too correct for by nightfall the worst gale for many, many years was sweeping across Romney Marsh. Its brutal force brought danger and disaster to the village, and Tamzin, Meryon and the others found themselves battling ceaselessly in the work of rescue and salvage. On shore, comfort and shelter had to be provided for those rendered homeless. At sea, when a ship signalled distress the lifeboat had to put out though it could only be tragically defeated by such formidable seas. And those at Tamzin's home had their own personal share of anxiety when Lindsey had a terrifying encounter with a mad dog. Tamzin's night ride through the floods to fetch the doctor took as much courage as anything she had ever done, for in that she was alone, save for her gallant pony, Cascade

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