Super Dweeb & The Time Trumpet

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Super-doodler Andy may have an awesome atomic pencil that brings his drawings to life, but he's still pretty new to the whole hero thing. Sure, he can handle small-time crooks ... but he's definitely not ready for jailbreaks, supervillain team-ups, and time travel!

Unfortunately for Andy, a terrible trio of criminals have leapt back in time from his future to stop him before he's ready. They're going to keep him from becoming the awesome future crimefighter he's destined to be!

So Andy's going to have to step up! With the help of his best friend Mona, he's going to have to pull off an AWESOME HEIST and set off on an incredible cross-time odyssey that will take him to the time of the dinosaurs and back.

Don't be late for this HILARIOUS time travel adventure!

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