Super Dweeb V. The Evil Doodler

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With fast-paced action and absurd humor [...] Super Dweeb in an exciting new series for fans of Captain Underpants or Diary of a Wimpy Kid - SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

Andy may seem like an ordinary dweeb, but he has an incredible secret. When he draws a picture with his ATOMIC PENCIL, it comes to life! And with awesome power comes awesome ... sneakiness!

Andy wants to take the day off school to see the new Gamma Guys movie. His ingenious plan is to draw a clone of himself. There's only one problem: His carbon copy doesn't much like taking orders!

In fact, Andy quickly starts to think that he's created his own EVIL TWIN. Uh-oh! Things quickly escalate into a crazy battle of doodlers.

Look out ... it seems like Andy's really met his match!

The third book in the Super Dweeb series, this unpredictable, anarchic adventure story features comic-strip-style storytelling in full-color and is perfect for readers aged 7-9.

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