Telling Tales: Growing Up on a Highland Farm

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Telling Tales is a nostalgic and beautifully written account of growing up on a small family farm which vividly evokes a way of life that, although so recent, is now all but forgotten. For Jane Yeadon, growing up on a farm in the north of Scotland in the 1950s was at times idyllic - but it could also be incredibly challenging. And when her father died in a tragic motorbike accident, it had a devastating effect on everyone as they struggled to make ends meet and hold on to the farm.

While her mother turned her hand to writing popular newspaper articles on the life of a tenant crofter to make extra money, Jane and her big sister Elizabeth helped out Dod, the farm grieve, with the daily hard work around the farm. And there was always lots to do as Jane began to find her place in the scheme of things while experiencing country life, the village school and meeting a whole host of unforgettable characters along the way.

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