The Architecture and Infrastructure of Britain's Railways: Northern England and Scotland

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The range and variety of British railway stations is truly astonishing; from the tiny wayside halt made of corrugated iron to the magnificent stone-built city centre terminus. No less remarkable in their variety are the buildings devoted to the transport of goods, and indeed for most years of their existence this traffic was by far the most important to the railway companies. Author Patrick Bennett also covers signal boxes and signalling, locomotive depots, bridges and viaducts and much else besides; in fact just about every aspect of the British railway scene. This book, focusing on the north of England and Scotland, covers the areas of the major Scottish companies as well as those of the London & North Western, the Midland, the Lancashire & Yorkshire, and the North Eastern railways. Illustrated throughout with the author’s original colour photographs, many of which are now historic, this book is sure to appeal as much to the general reader as to the railway modeller.

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