The Book of Scottish Names by Iain

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The rich traditions of the Picts and later Celtic peoples in Scotland have given us some of our most beautiful and evocative names. This stunning gift book lists the most popular names for both girls and boys, giving their derivations, pronunciations, meanings and the legends associated with their historical and mythical namesakes. The history of Scotland is full of legends of bravery and dating, from the victories of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce in the Middle Ages to the adventure of Bonnie Prince Charlie - saved by Flora MacDonald - as well as stories of the wars between the clans and the legends of Macbeth and the Black Douglas. The final section of the book includes the names of past Scottish kings and queens for further inspiration. Names, from the ever-popular Stuart, Hamish and Shona to the more unusual Mungo and Ailsa, are accompanied by specially commissioned illustrations and tap into the growing popularity of displaying a cultural affinity in the naming of a child, making The Book of Scottish Names the ideal present for parents-to-be.

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